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WTS Prices

Articles, Book Chapters, etc.

WTS is open from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.  All time/delivery estimates are based on business hours; items cannot be shipped or delivered outside of business hours.  All prices are per article/chapter.

$15 usually 2 days; items referred to suppliers may take 3 days or more, depending on item availability
8-hour rush
4-hour rush
1-hour rush
Copyright  variable (costs are set by publishers; typically $38-75) in addition to above prices
Referral  variable (costs are set by suppliers) in addition to above prices; articles may take additional time
Cancels  may incur 20% service charge




WTS follows the Copyright Law of the United States (Title 17, United States Code) which governs the making of photocopies or other reproductions of copyrighted material.  We cannot advise our clients on their obligations under copyright law, so you may wish to consult your company's legal counsel if you have questions. WTS gives clients the option of assuming responsibility for compliance; however, please note that in many cases, WTS cannot obtain materials unless we pay copyright royalties to the rightsholder. Please note that copyright royalties are set by individual publishers, not by WTS, and costs can vary greatly (usually between $40 and $75 per article, but sometimes more).


It is difficult to to estimate the total cost of an order as copyright and/or referral fees vary widely.  If you’re concerned about cost, WTS recommends specifying a maximum cost per article, e.g.  $60 max, on our order form.  Staff will contact you if the costs will exceed your limit.  Please note the average prices for articles in the table above when considering your maxcostHaving a low maxcost may delay delivery.

Book Loans

$25  ships in 1-2 days
8-hour rush
$35  delivered overnight if ordered before 12 pm CST
4-hour rush
$45  delivered overnight if ordered after 12 pm CST; contact us if ordering after 2 pm
Loan Period   60 days, no renewals
Shipping  at cost; charged to client's UPS or FedEx account when provided
Overdue $10 per week
Lost book $200 plus replacement cost ($300 minimum)



$150 per hour for same-day service, regardless of results.  Database fees may apply. 
$75 per hour for 2-4 day service, regardless of results.  Database fees may apply.   

Other Services

Masters Theses
at UW Madison
  Article fees apply for 1-100 pages; additional article fees if over 100 pages
Dictionary definitions
  Research fees plus article fees; research fees may apply regardless of results
Library date stamps
  article fees apply; research fees and off-campus suppliers' fees may apply, regardless of results
    please note: monographs (books) usually do not have a library date stamp
Declarations    $100 per citation; may include article & copyright fees; only available for items currently held in print by UW-Madison libraries
Affidavits   May be available upon request; please call for more information
Tables of contents
  article fees apply; supplier fees may apply
Manual searching
  Research fees, regardless of results
Citation correction   extensive verification may incur research fees



Clients are billed monthly as orders are filled.  Invoices can be provided in paper and/or electronically (pdf or Excel).  Invoices can be paid by credit card, check, or bank transfer.

Credit card payments are accepted online after the invoice has been sent.  

Remit checks to:

Wisconsin TechSearch
Accounts Receivable
728 State St. Room 276
Madison, WI 53706

Please include the invoice number on your check.

Payments by bank transfer (EFT/ACH) are accepted.  Contact us if you would like to pay by bank transfer.