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Date Stamps, Publication Dates, and Declarations

We get a lot of orders for date stamps, exact publication dates, and dates of public availability.  Here's a quick guide to dates:

  • Journal issues:  date stamps are usually found in journal issues, but they are sometimes missing or unreadable.  MARC records in libraries’ public catalogs cannot be relied on for journal issues because individual issues do not get cataloging dates.
  • Monographs (stand-alone books):  Monographs are generally not date-stamped by libraries.  Monographs have copyrighted publication dates on their verso pages – the backside of the title page.  These dates are only years – there is no way to determine a more precise publication date.  MARC records in library catalogs may provide clues as to when the library cataloged and made a book available, but books with older publication dates may have had their MARC records overwritten as libraries migrated and upgraded their online catalogs.
  • Other works - technical reports, white papers, gray literature: Sometimes we can find date stamps on microfiche envelopes of technical reports.  Generally, white papers and gray literature that is not collected or cataloged by a library, like instruction manuals and specifications, will not have date stamps.

We're happy to search for date stamps, but please be aware that they can sometimes take extra time to locate and incur research fees.

  • Declarations:  WTS can provide declarations for date-stamped items that are in the University of Wisconsin-Madison collections.  Please contact us for more information and pricing.