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Wisconsin TechSearch

Article Delivery Services

Get articles, conference papers, and book chapters delivered to your email in a matter of hours.

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Book Loan Delivery Services

Get a book from a UW-Madison library delivered to you tomorrow.

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Ask a professional librarian to locate obscure resources or search specialized databases.

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…And More

Ask how we can help with dictionary definitions, library date stamps, and other projects.

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What is WTS?

Wisconsin TechSearch is a document delivery & interlibrary loan service for business

WTS is an interlibrary loan department at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, but we serve businesses (law firms, manufacturers, engineering firms, pharmaceuticals, etc.) and private researchers, rather than students and faculty.

We scan journal, newspaper, and magazine articles, book chapters, theses, and other materials and send them to clients by email.  We loan books from the University's library collections.  And we help businesses with research projects, such as finding multiple dictionary definitions, retrieving a chemical registry entry, or finding prescription drug information.

And we do all this with an experienced team of librarians, dedicated to providing exemplary speed and service.

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